Sales Leadership

Close Deals with More Efficiency with a Repeatable Sales Process

Sales is the lifeblood of any thriving company. We’ll establish systems and processes that helps your team to improve forecasting, win more
deals and increase profits.

Repeatable Sales Process

Gain Control of Your Sales Process And Improve Close Rates

A repeatable sales process promotes efficiency and gives your sales team the leverage focus on qualified opportunities, quickly filter out unqualified prospects, and create measurable value that wins more deals.

Feel Like You Don’t Have Control of Your Sales Cycle?

Are you frustrated by the unpredictability of your sales process? Do you wish you had more influence over how deals move from one stage to the next? If so, you are not alone. Many salespeople struggle with managing their sales cycle effectively. Controlling your sales cycle is a key to optimizing the performance of your sales team.

We help your team identify the key decision-makers and influencers in each account. Then we align your sales activities with your prospects needs and pain points. By tracking your progress at each stage, you gain improved forecasting that accelerates your sales cycle to close more deals faster

fractional sales leadership

A Proven Approach To Professional Sales

Creating a professional sales process is simple, but not easy. A clearly defined, repeatable process is critical to continued success. It also requires detailed research to identify your customers’ problems, the implications of those problems, and presenting your solution as the answer to solving those problems. Business leaders value salespeople who challenge their thinking and offer valuable insights.

Those sales professionals are considered trusted advisors. Professional salespeople have three key skills: they can teach the customer something new and valuable, they can tailor their message to the customer’s specific needs and objectives, and they can take control of the sale and overcome objections.

Close More Deals And Increase Profits

Winning more deals means understanding your customers’ needs, challenges, and goals. Learn to ask open-ended questions, listen actively, and empathize with their pain points. Demonstrate how your product or service solves their problems, add value, and help them achieve their desired outcomes. This involves highlighting your unique selling proposition, competitive advantages, and using customer testimonials to build trust and credibility.

Optimizing your pricing strategy and profit margins increases profitability. Demonstrating how you create value is the key to increased profitability. Learn how to use incentives instead of discounts to communicate the value of your offer clearly.


How Our Fractional Sales Leadership Solution Works

We provide experienced and qualified sales managers to SMB businesses as a cost-effective and flexible alternative to hiring a full-time sales manager.

Our service is designed specifically for businesses with limited resources, are in a transitional phase, or need specialized guidance.

Services include setting and implementing a sales strategy, creating a repeatable sales process, coaching and creating presentations and proposals that win more business.

Quite simply, we help clients grow their sales and revenue. 



Seasoned professionals that have been through the trenches and know what it takes to succeed in sales. We’ll guide your team with strategies that have been tested and refined over the years.



Hiring the right full-time sales leader is hard and expensive, especially for startups and small businesses. Only 4 of 10 make it past two years. Fractional sales leaders provide top-tier talent without the long-term financial commitment.



As your business grows, your sales needs evolve. A fractional sales leader can adapt to these changes and scale their involvement accordingly, ensuring you always get the right level of support.


Immediate Impact

With their wealth of experience, fractional sales leaders can quickly assess your current sales processes and make immediate improvements, helping you generate revenue faster.

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Hear directly from clients on what it’s like working with us and the results they’ve achieved. We’re fortunate to have helped clients in a wide range of industries.

“Integrity, honesty, quality, hard work, and candor…these are all words that describe what you should expect when working with David.”

Jon Eilers, General Manager
Upland Software

“Dave is highly focused on achieving the intended results in servicing his customers…the results speak for themselves, I recommend Dave.”

Steve Prettyman, Vice President
JPMorgan Chase

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