What Is Sales Management
as a Service?

We are professional sales managers that work for you on a “fractional” basis. We bring years of industry experience as sales leaders helping companies build consistent, sustainable, high-performing sales organizations. As your head of sales, we are engineers more than consultants.

We don’t teach sales theory. We start building the processes and tools you need from day one while leading and coaching your sales team. We help you refine your sales goals and build a strategy along with an executable plan to ensure you meet those goals.

Sales Management as a Service F.A.Q.

It’s challenging to manage and motivate your salespeople to higher levels of performance while you’re running a business.  Most business owners have a hard time doing both well.  In most companies without a sales manager, no one is really managing your salespeople.  Our highly-experienced team works with your team to apply sales management best practices, implement a consistent sales process, conduct sales meetings, and provide coaching in the most efficient way possible.  In the end, you get better results at a fraction of the cost.

What is Sales Management as a Service?

SMaaS is simply a part-time sales manager dedicated to your company and sales staff for the frequency and length of the contract you select.  Hiring a SMaaS expert is more cost effective for small to medium-sized businesses that are not ready to invest in a full-time sales manager.

SMaaS is the most cost-effective way to coach your sales team to improve their performance and increase sales results.

What does a SMaaS Sales Manager do?

A SMaaS sales manager will implement sales best practices, manage the sales pipeline, hold salespeople accountable to reach their goals, provide sales training, go on sales calls with your salespeople and generate sales results. He or she will help with hiring, onboarding and training new salespeople.

The sales manager should be able to assess your current CRM system or help you find the right CRM system to manage your prospects and nurture the leads in the pipeline. They will also make sure your sales reps use the CRM system.

How do I know if I need Sales Management as a Service?

As a business owner, you have many responsibilities to keep your company running efficiently.  In many cases, you may have been the person selling for your business, then hired salespeople to continue your efforts to build the business.  However, you may not have the time to provide the support the salespeople need on a day-to-day basis.

On-going sales research show that 65%+ salespeople need more help, training and coaching to deliver expected results.  You must have a consistent and repeatable sales process that everyone follows to measure prospect conversion, sales forecasting and customer success.  This doesn’t happen by accident, by yelling at people, or constantly firing and hiring new sales people.  It requires the proper expertise to do it right, but hiring someone at that skill level is expensive — if you can find them at all.

How frequently will a Fractional Sales Manager be with our company?

The frequency could be as little as ½ a day per week up to 3 days a week and will depend on your company, size, number of sales representatives and the goals and objectives of the organization. Ideally, your sales manager would work with you one-half day to two days each week.

How many sales people does a SMaaS Sales Manager work with?

Generally, a sales manager will work with small to mid-sized B2B and B2C companies with 2-10 salespeople.

What are the advantages of having a SMaaS Sales Manager?

  1. Reduce sales turnover.
  2. Get sales management expertise and best practices at a price you can afford.  It costs much less to hire a SMaaS sales manager than it does to hire a full-time sales manager. This is the most cost effective way to get you to the next level of growth.
  3. Provide sales coaching more efficiently, so you get results faster.
  4. ROI!  Increased sales will pay for the investment of hiring a part-time sales manager many times over.

What are the disadvantages of a SMaaS Sales Manager?

  1. The biggest disadvantage is not having a sales manager working with your sales team every day.  Although our sales managers may provide phone and email access to your salespeople even when they are not there.
  2. Another disadvantage is the length of time it may take to implement a strategic sales plan if the SMaaS sales manager is only hired to work two days a month.  It may take a little longer to achieve the desired results.

What services should a SMaaS Sales Manager provide?

  1. Develop a consistent and repeatable sales process
  2. Implement sales best practices
  3. Implement CRM solution and customize to your sales process and get your sales team to use the CRM solution
  4. Manage lead pipeline, sales forecasting and help salespeople close sales
  5. Evaluate current sales team
  6. Provide sales coaching, training and accountability
  7. Explore additional sales opportunities
  8. Conduct sales meetings
  9. Increase sales performance and results
  10. Provide sales reports to business owner

Bottom line, hiring a fractional sales manager will help you get to the next level, improve the performance of your team and increase sales results.

Can Sales Management as a Service
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