Problems We Solve

We are professional sales managers that work for you on a “fractional” basis. We bring years of industry experience as sales leaders helping companies build consistent, sustainable, high-performing sales organizations. As your head of sales, we are engineers more than consultants.

We don’t teach sales theory. We start building the processes and tools you need from day one while leading and coaching your sales team. We help you refine your sales goals and build a strategy along with an executable plan to ensure you meet those goals.

Common Challenges

It’s difficult to manage a small sales force. When faced with the challenges of managing a small sales force, businesses typically fall into one of three traps:

No one manages sales. The owner feels that the staff is experienced enough that they don’t need a sales manager, so she lets “the inmates run the asylum.”  It’s true, a tenured sales force needs less sales management than a less tenured one.  However, there’s a big difference between sales babysitting and true sales management.  Sales babysitting accounts for activity and focus on whipping the sales force into working harder.  An experienced sales manager brings best practices, coaching skills, and helps close the marginal deals that are being lost.

The owner ½ manages sales. Business owners already have 37 jobs.  Add sales manager to the list and guess what happens?  It gets ½ done (or less) and sales management becomes “cracking the whip.”  We have never met an owner who says, “I love managing sales.”  It’s a tough job that tends to get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.  This represents a big opportunity for companies.  Placing a sales management pro into this void can remonetize neglected aspects of the sales function.

The best salesperson is asked to sell AND fill the sales manager role.  This is the most destructive of the three traps.  This scenario typically plays out like this – the sales manger’s sales production decreases due to the increased time/emotional demands and the sales person does an average (at best) job as sales manager.  Trading a great sales producer for a weak sales manager is a horrible trade.  Replacing the selling sales manager with a fractional sales manager is a relief to the salesperson and always yields a better performing team.

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