Who Uses Fractional
Sales Managers?

Fractional Sales Management is a great fit for B2B/B2C companies with 10 or less salespeople, especially if one of them is the CEO.

Small companies that have; complex sales cycles, a higher average sales price and/or repeatable revenue components are a great fit for our program.

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Companies That Benefit

Fact is, Fractional Sales Management will work in just about any industry because good sales process and management fundamentals are exactly that – fundamental and repeatable.

If you’re a small company with up to 10 sales people (especially if the CEO is one of them), then you
would benefit by setting up a simple 20-minute call to find out if our fractional sales management program would help your business.

We’ve helped small companies of all types, including; Resellers, Transportation, Construction, HVAC, Software, and Manufacturing to name a few.

If your business isn’t listed here, call us anyway. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn in 20 minutes.









Can Fractional Sales Management
help your business?

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